We know many families have been impacted by the devastating Camp Fire.  In response to the severe housing crisis in our community, Habitat for Humanity of Butte County will be building three homes on Mulberry Street in Chico. The construction is anticipated to start September 2019. The homes will be 3 bedroom 1.5 bathrooms. These homes will be for first time homeowners who meet Habitat’s eligible criteria, which include:

  • Income qualifications: 40-80% area median income
  • Need for affordable housing: Priority will be given to those who are most vulnerable (Disaster affected persons, displaced persons, single parent households, older people (65+), person with disabilities, person with long term illness) as well as other criteria
  • Ability to Pay an affordable mortgage – steady form of income
  • Willingness to Partner with Habitat – provide sweat equity hours to help build your home


Present Housing Situations:

  • Priority will be given to the most vulnerable in our community (Disaster affected persons, displaced persons, single parent households, older people (65+), person with disabilities, persons with a long-term illness)
  • Cost Burdened household (paying more than 30% of gross income for housing)
  • Overcrowded housing e., more than two (2) children per room, adults sharing room with children, children of different sex sharing a room
  • Substandard housing: Problems with maintenance and repairs
  • Resident of Public Housing
  • Unable to secure adequate housing through private market
  • Desires home ownership


Total Gross Income:  Monthly gross income 40-80% of HUD median income for Butte County.  Income must be stable and any supplementary income must also be stable and likely to continue.

Butte County Income Chart

Family Size Minimum (40%) Maximum (80%)
1 $16,975 $33,900
2 $20,330 $38,750
3 $ 24,015 $43,600
4 $27,675 $48,400
5 $31,060 $52,300
6 $33,030 $56,150

40% are approximate figures

  • Debt to income must be manageable. Debt to Income must fall between the ratio of 30/43 percent – 30% is housing expense ratio and 43% is debt-to income ratio
  • Excessive debt cannot be more than $2000. Excessive debt may be charge-offs, collections on credit cards. The $2000 excludes medical debt of up to $10,000
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage monthly budget
  • History of timely payments
  • Stable work history- one (1) full year at the same place in the past three (3) years and must be at current job for six (6) months.
  • Must maintain own household (live on own for one (1) full year within past three (3) years)
  • Bankruptcy, liens and judgments
  • May reapply two (2) years after bankruptcy has been discharged and good credit has been re-established
  • No liens or judgments that cannot be cleared before closing


Sweat Equity:  Understands and is willing to perform at least 250 hours of sweat equity per adult per household from the beginning of partnership to completion of home.

Commitment:  Commitment to the community.  Lived in and / or worked in Butte County for past 2 years.  Commitment to a drug free community.

Legal Resident:  Applicant must provide proof of legal residency.

Criminal Record: No adult member of household has a criminal record that poses a likely future risk to neighbors, Habitat staff, or Habitat volunteers.

1st time homeowners:  Applicant (s) must be first time homeowners.   This is a City of Chico requirement.

For questions contact the Habitat office at 530-343-7423 ext. 5.

If you are interested in partnering with Habitat, we anticipate open enrollment to begin May 2019.  Please continue to check our website for updates.