Dan Braz

Dan Braz has been a proudly involved as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for over 25 years, in various locations.

Dan has worked as a licensed general contractor. He still vividly remembers the day he was first exposed to Habitat for Humanity. He was flipping through the newspaper when an ad titled “do you think you could build a house in five days?” stuck out to him.

The question made Dan think, and ultimately persuaded him to join Habitat. Needless to say, the mission of building a house in five days was accomplished and Dan has been involved with Habitat ever since.

Dan was instrumental in helping Habitat obtain a generous grant. After applying and being denied for this grant two times in a row, Habitat was losing faith that they would ever receive it. When the third year came around it was Dan’s faith which ultimately pushed Habitat to take one more shot at the grant application.  That year Habitat for Humanity of Butte County was selected and benefited greatly from it.

Today Dan is still a dedicated volunteer. Now he spends his time helping the team plan for the day’s work for the Saturday volunteers. Dan receives a great deal of enjoyment from working with volunteers.  He brings a wealth of experience to the construction site and volunteers receive positive, patient and kind guidance on how to accomplish the building task for the day. Dan has been the heart of our local Habitat!