Richard Macias has been on our board of directors for about 8-years now. He moved to Chico from San Francisco, when he decided that he would build his own home.

Richard was able to build his entire home out of materials he collected over the years from yard sales. All the materials he used were recycled including the plumbing, electrical and tile.

At the ReStore Richard volunteers his time, giving back to his community and helping locals that come into the store. He spends a lot of time organizing everything from lightbulbs to stereos.

Richard loves helping customers fix their problems. He says that people often times come in not knowing exactly what they are looking for, or what they need to complete a project. He is there to help.

“A few months ago I had a women come in looking to match a lamp for her yard. After thirty minutes of looking for a match I finally suggested she donate the one she had, and buy two matching ones from the store.”

Richard’s memories are filled with interesting problems and solutions at the ReStore. He plans to continue volunteering his time there, even though he is also involved with a few other organizations.

We at Habitat for Humanity of Butte County would like to thank Richard for being such a dedicated volunteer for all these years.