What We Do

  • We Build
  • We Revitalize
  • Strength, Stability, Self-Reliance

    We bring together people and organizations throughout our community to construct affordable, energy efficient, high-quality homes for hardworking local families who need a little help to secure a decent place to live. We sell the homes we build to our homeowner families at no profit, providing them with an affordable “zero interest” mortgage that provides them with greater security and allows them to invest in education and pursue opportunities that help them become more self-reliant and secure. 

    How it Works

    We build an average of two homes each year, partnering with families that earn between 40% and 60% of the median income for Butte County. All families considered for partnership with us must demonstrate that they:

    • currently live in unsafe housing, overcrowded housing, substandard housing, or are paying more than 50% of their gross income on housing,
    • are willing to work hard alongside volunteers to build their homes (each adult in the family will put in a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity), and
    • have a stable work history, minimal debt, a record of timely payments, and the ability to pay an affordable mortgage (about 30% of the family’s gross income).

    The comprehensive application process includes home visits and interviews with the applicants. The families who demonstrate the greatest need and show the greatest potential for successful home ownership make a down payment, work alongside volunteers, and participate in home- buyer education courses. Once their homes are completed, they purchase the home from Habitat for Humanity of Butte County, making affordable mortgage payments.

    Proud of their new homes and grateful for the many volunteers that have helped them achieve home ownership, Habitat homeowners are excellent neighbors, revitalizing neighborhoods and strengthening communities even before they move in.


    If you are interested in partnering with Habitat for Humanity, please check our website regularly for updates on when open enrollment will begin. If you have any questions please call 343-7423.