Qualification criteria

Please carefully review all of the qualification criteria, as it has changed. If you have any questions, please e-mail info@buttehabitat.org or call (530) 343-7423.


Qualification Criteria

Habitat for Humanity of Butte County will be building homes in Paradise Ca. These homes will be for those who meet Habitat’s qualification criteria, which include:

  • Income qualifications: Typically 60% – 80% area median income
  • Need for affordable housing: Priority will be given to those who are most vulnerable (Disaster affected persons, displaced persons, single parent households, older people-65+, person with disabilities, person with long-term illness) as well as other criteria
  • Ability to Pay an affordable mortgage – steady form of income
  • Willingness to Partner with Habitat – provide 250 sweat equity hours per applicant to help build your home

Need for Housing

 Present Housing Situations:

  • Priority will be given to the most vulnerable in our community (Disaster affected persons, displaced persons, single-parent households, older people 65+, persons with disabilities, and persons with a long-term illness)
  • Cost Burdened household (paying more than 30% of gross income for housing)
  • Overcrowded housing (more than two (2) children per room, adults sharing a room with children, children of different sex sharing a room)
  • Substandard housing  (problems with maintenance and repairs)
  • A resident of Public Housing
  • Unable to secure adequate housing
  • Desires homeownership

Ability to Pay

Total Gross Income:  Monthly gross income is typically 60-80% of HUD median income for Butte County.  Income must be stable and any supplementary income must also be stable and likely to continue.

  • Debt to income must be manageable. Debt to Income must fall between the ratio of  33/41 for all applicants
  • Ability to pay a $2,000 to HFHBC down payment at the time of closing
  • Have not been a homeowner within the last three years
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage a monthly budget
  • History of timely payments and stable work history
  • The ability to qualify and participate in State and Federal programs (USDA and First Time Homebuyer Programs)
  • Any assets in excess of $15,000 for individuals under 62 and $20,000 for individuals over 62 will be required as a down payment (subject to USDA evaluation).
  • If your credit score is less than 640  additional documentation will be required
  • Liens and judgments- No liens or judgments that cannot be cleared before closing
  • Free of significant delinquencies or bankruptcies in the last three years

Willingness to partner

Sweat Equity:  Understands and is willing to perform at least 250 hours of sweat equity per adult per household from the beginning of our partnership to the completion of the home.

Commitment:  Commitment to the community.   Commitment to a drug-free community.

Lawful Permanent Resident:  Applicant must provide proof of permanent residency (ie green card).

Criminal Record: No adult member of the household has a criminal record that poses a likely future risk to neighbors, Habitat staff, or Habitat volunteers. 


These are last year’s numbers and are subject to change before the next selection process.



















**Due to the high insurance costs in Paradise, CA a family of two must have a minimum of 60% AMI to qualify


Please contact the Habitat office at (530) 343-7423
with any questions that you may have or e-mail info@buttehabitat.org


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